Shooters turn out

June 09, 2018

A family affair: Three generations of the one family competing on Saturday - Gordon and Beatrice Hart, their son Ken and their grandson John.

Seymour Field and Game held its monthly shoot at Avenel on Saturday and, maybe because of the fine weather forecast, 149 shooters turned up for a 75-target off-the-gun event.

High gun winner was Grant Sandford, who, after an exciting shoot-off with Renae Birgan, claimed the day’s prize with 69 out of 75.


AA-grade: Steve Norris 67, Chris Thompson 65, Michael Coll 64.

A-grade: Tony Connell 62, Ross Dunstan 61, Peter Kriss 59.

B-grade: Milan Bokic 58, Toby McGurgan 56, Ashley Hall 56.

C-grade: Kelvin Cross 52, Andrew Monks 49, Stuart Hooper 49 (count back).

Women: Renae Birgan 69, April Thompson 55, Michelle Lee 44.

Veterans: Rocky Furci 62, Ronald Purss 60, John Leatham 54.

Juniors: Rieley Fitzgibbon 61, Brayden Baker 58, Douglas Hooper 45.

Sub-juniors: Logan Baker 45, Will Mason 35.

The club also held a challenge between the members of the MCC and Seymour, with the MCC winning with 64.125 per cent to Seymour’s 58.927 per cent.

Junior shooter Rieley Fitzgibbon shot a possible 25 out of 25 on one ground.

The club is holding a firearm safety and training day on June 23. This is a day when people can complete a firearm safety course and sit the exam. Participants must be at least 12 years old. The course is a pre-requisite for a junior permit or open firearm licence. The cost of $25 includes cartridges, clays and lunch. Inquiries to Heather Tingay, phone 57962455 or 0428210759.

The next shoot is on Saturday, July 7, and is the Barney Baines Memorial.

This event is a 75-target handicap shoot, starting at 10.30am.

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