New beginning – in Broadford

April 28, 2018

Winners: Graham Macpherson, Zaine Lewin-Hoy and Sally Littlewood.

Runners-up: Colin McBean, Bradley Allison, Ruth Barton.

A fond farewell: The Seymour Squash Association say goodbye to the courts at Seymour College.

This was more than a grand final — it was truly a grand finale.

After calling the courts at Seymour Technical High School/Seymour College home for nearly 30 years, the curtain went down on squash in Seymour. With the knowledge that the courts will be bulldozed to make way for new school buildings, this was the last match to be played on the courts. And what a thriller the huge crowd witnessed.

Macca, who prepared for the final by spending a few weeks training in the high altitude Himalayan Mountains, had his team well and truly revved up. On the other hand, Colin ‘‘The Headband’’ McBean took a more low key approach by shopping for a new headband. Kelly ‘‘Lady Gaga’’ Christensen was a late withdrawal for the Bulldogs and Ruth ‘‘Ruthless’’ Barton was selected as a late inclusion. Ruth took first two game and looked set for a famous victory. Sally ‘‘The Queen’’ Littlewood composed herself and in a gripping tussle won the next two games and then the deciding fifth game 17/14.

The massive crowd were spellbound in the final few minutes as both players looked set for victory. In the end it was the poise of The Queen who got the Bulldogs the first victory of the night. Ruth had put up a brilliant performance but it was not enough to secure victory. At her after match press conference Ruth announced her retirement from the sport and bowed out after a great career.

The number two seeds took the court next and young bulldog Bradley Allison needed a strong performance to keep his teams chances alive. The Kid did not disappoint and surged to a two games to one lead over Zaine ‘‘The Hyphen’’ Lewin-Hoy. The Hyphen, who had been crowned the top number two seed, responded to the challenge and fought back to win the next two games and take the rubber. This put Macca’s Lot in a great position to take the title, but it was still mathematically possible for Bulldogs to snatch an unlikely victory as the match would be decided on winning points, not rubbers or games.

The Headband came out fully gassed and won the first game but after that it was Macca who took control and steadied to win the next three games. Macca’s Lot were crowned champions and celebrated long into the night. The top individual seeds were acknowledged with Noel ‘‘The Ace’’ Pearson securing an historic final award at Seymour. Lewin-Hoy took out the number two seed while Sally Littlewood was crowned top number three seed.

It was the end of an era as the lights were switched off for the final time. Seymour Squash Association would like to thank Seymour College for the use of its facilities over the past 30 years and wish them well with their new building program which will be of great benefit to the community.


Macca’s Lot 3/9/194 def Bulldogs 0/5/172.

1. Graham Macpherson def Colin McBean 12/15, 17/15, 15/11, 15/13.

2. Zaine Lewin-Hoy def Bradley Allison 15/11, 9/15, 9/15, 15/11, 15/2.

3. Sally Littlewood def Ruth Barton 13/15, 12/15, 15/10, 15/10, 17/14.

Best individual winners:

No. 1 seed Noel Pearson; No. 2 seed Zaine Lewin-Hoy; No. 3 seed Sally Littlewood.

The imminent demolition of the Seymour College courts has opened a new chapter in the history of the Seymour Squash Association. Thanks to the tireless determination of club president, legend and life member, Noel Pearson, Seymour Squash has a new home in Broadford, at the Mitchell Shire stadium.

A new competition has begun with Crumpy and The Bull making comebacks and forming a new powerhouse team with Chris ‘The Glazier’ Conboy. The Broady Boys are keen to make their mark on the next completion and have started the season brilliantly.

It is also great to welcome other new players who look set to have great futures with Seymour Squash.

Luke Boulter and Andrew Croxford showed some great skills and will soon be christened by The Boaster with nicknames which may make them as famous as ‘The Terminator’ and ‘The Greek Goddess’. It’s great to be still calling my lets, make sure you call yours

— The Boaster

Scores from Round 1 at Broadford:

Broady Boys 2/6/113 def Macca’s Lot 1/3/104.

1. Tim Crump def Graham Macpherson 15/13, 15/10, 15/10.

2. David Bulluss lost to Luke Boulter 8/15, 12/15, 3/15.

3. Chris Conboy def Andrew Croxford 15/13, 15/7, 15/6.

Two Girls and a Boy 1/4/124 def All Stars 2/6/123.

1. Chad Parker lost to Noel Pearson 15/17, 15/9, 8/15, 11/15.

2. David Hall lost to Paul Kennedy 12/15, 10/15, 8/15.

3. Sally Littlewood def Ann Allison 15/8, 15/7, 15/7.


1. Two Girls and a Boy 124.

2. All Stars 123.

3. Broady Boys 113.

4. Macca’s Lot 104.

5. Bulldogs 0 (bye).

Best individual performance

No. 1 Seed. 1. Tim Crump 6/33: 2. Noel Pearson 5/49.

No. 2 Seed. 1. Luke Boulter 6/23: 2. Paul Kennedy 6/30.

No. 3 Seed. 1. Sally Littlewood 6/22: 2. Chris Conboy 6/26.

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