Classy last comp before court demolition

February 23, 2018

In a tight contest Macca’s Lot defeated All Stars in what could be the grand final preview.


In a tight contest Macca’s Lot defeated All Stars in what could be the grand final preview.

Macca was outclassed by club legend Noel ‘The Ace’ Pearson in three easy games and The Ace looks set to take out the final best individual award.

With this being the last competition before the courts are demolished it would be a fitting conclusion that The Ace ends on top.

At his press conference he was showing no signs of the pressure to end up number one.

‘‘The only thing I’m interested in is team success. I need more from my team mates. David Hall let us down tonight.’’ The Ace was referring to Zaine ‘The Hyphen’ Lewin-Hoys’ demolition of Hall.

Hall looked slow as his younger opponent powered to an easy win. Sally ‘The Queen’ Littlewood secured victory for the team with a close win against Evie Parker.

The Fashionistas’ poor season continued as Bulldogs had a comprehensive victory. Colin ‘The Headband’ McBean started slowly against Chad Parker, losing the first game, but recovered to win the next three.

Bradley Allison was too good for Paul ‘The President’ Kennedy and Kelly ‘Lady Gaga’ Christensen belted out a few tunes as she defeated Ruth Barton.

The big win has Bulldogs in striking distance of second place on the ladder and could be the improver in the next few weeks.

A reminder that this will be our last competition and all past players who would like to attend a farewell dinner (date yet to be confirmed) are asked to phone Noel on 0401196043 to express their interest.

Keep calling your lets.

— The Boaster


Macca’s Lot 2/6/139 Defeated All Stars 1/4/126.

1. Graham Macpherson Lost to Noel Pearson 8/15, 14/17, 11/15.

2. Zaine Lewin-Hoy Def David Hall 15/10, 15/13, 15/8.

3. Sally Littlewood Def Evie Parker 15/10, 15/12, 16/17, 15/9.

Bulldogs 3/9/148 Defeated The fashionistas 0/1/117

1. Colin McBean Def Chad Parker 11/15, 15/10, 15/11, 15/12.

2. Bradley Allison Def Paul Kennedy 15/13, 17/15, 15/10.

3. Kelly Christensen Def Ruth Barton 15/8, 15/12, 15/11.


1. Macca’s lot 458.

2. All stars 439.

3. Bulldogs 423.

4. The Fashionistas 332.


No. 1 Seed. 1. Noel Pearson 16/116: 2. Graham Macpherson 9/152.

No. 2 Seed. 1. Zaine Lewin-Hoy 16/116: 2. David Hall 10/105.

No. 3 Seed. 1. Sally Littlewood 17/104: 2. Kelly Christensen 8/138.

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