Rolling out social nights again

January 19, 2018


Jackpot triples: Wednesday, January 10 was won by Donna Syms and Terry Smalley with +14. There was no jackpot winner.

Friday social nights will begin next Friday so come along and enjoy happy hour and meeting up with all fellow club members. The Taurus Meat Tray will be on offer in the club raffle.

On Friday, February 2 the social committee will again prepare a meal, so keep an eye out for the list and enter your name to attend.

The Australia Day tournament is onFriday, January 26.

GV Bowls have a bye the following day, so can all those who are not playing pennant the next day please put your name down to play. The tournament committee is prepared for more teams to warrant the work which goes into a tournament.

Congratulations to Max Hammond who has won his way into the men’s champion of Champion Singles Final. This will be played on Sunday against Graeme Matthews, from Alexandra, at Wallan Bowling Club. Also, the men’s and women’s Champion of Champion Pairs will be conducted that day. Wilma Atkins and Dot Dillon will be in action, also Bernie Dillon and Matt O’Sullivan for the Seymour Club.


Division one — round 9

The Seymour team hosted East Shepparton last Saturday. They played an enthralling game in which Seymour had two wins and a draw but ended in a one-shot defeat. East Shepparton won 13.84 to Seymour 5-83.

Graeme Flint, David Atkins, Andy Mackintosh, Rob Baldwin (s) 17 lost to G. Franze 24;

Terry Flynn, Eliot Jarman, Dale Sellick, Max Hammond (s) 24 def Josh Thornton 19;

Milton Powell, Dot Dillon, Wilma Atkins, Rob Brown (s) 22 drew with N. Boyd 22;

Ian Ridd, Jeff Rhue, Bernie Dillon, Matt O’Sullivan (s) 20 def Jordan Thornton 19.

Division five red

Seymour played at Shepparton Park under cover, enjoying themselves with a five-shot win 14-69 to 2-64.

Eon Densworth, Graeme Prime, Terry Smalley, Derrick Boyd (s) 26 def E. Cameroo 23;

Lynda Rohde, Lyn Meek, Marty Wesselman, Maureen Prudden (s) 30 def M. Boyle 16;

Linda Brown, Doug Hutton, Mark Law, Steve Reed (s) 13 lost to K. Dudley 25.

Division six

Seymour was away to Avenel, winning one rink and losing by two shots in the other. Seymour 12-50 to Avenel 2-43.

Lyn Rieniets, Neal Harris, Jim Bruce, Anne Cassar (s) 30 def R. Cooper 21;

Holly Johnson, Pat Dawe, Di Staples, Marg Flynn (s) 20 lost to N. Billingsley 22.


Division one — round nine

Seymour played at home against the Eildon side, winning 16-105 to 2-87. A little bird told me that one JW played the shot of the day, taking the jack back and giving the rink a five-shot win on the end.

Derek Blakeman, Jenny Kreemers, Marg Locke, Don Lawton (s) 25 def G. Oliver 19;

Trish Green, Marie Maggs, Gladys Burgoyne, Shaun Houghton (s) 22 lost to L. Dibella 28;

Carol Harrop, Jan Wesselman, Trudy Golding, Alison Hall (s) 24 def R. McGowan 19;

Allan Welsh, Richard Maggs, Denis Klein, Gary Broderick (s) 34 def S. Hall 21.

Division two

Seymour travelled to Wallan for a tough day, and were defeated 16-80 to 0-57.

John Heywood, Bob Tomkins, Ken Malin, Dot Malin (s) 22 lost to A. Vidal 23;

Donna Syms, John Donohue, Chris Dean, Noel Pianta (s) 15 lost to J. Costley 30;

Sonia Jones, Marg Callaghan, Lois Tomkins, Greg Quillinan (s) 20 lost to P. Bell 27.

Seymour VRI

Saturday Pennant

Pennant resumed after the Christmas break with the Division One team still looking for their first win, playing against Broadford at the Broadford green. All rinks were in the mix to win their games, but only one rink was successful and the team went down by only 13 shots.

The Division Three Goulburn Valley team once again returned from Shepparton Golf Club with a convincing win by 31 shots, retaining the top-of-the-ladder position and still undefeated for the season.

Division One team travelled to Broadford, winning one rink. Two of the rinks were close, but no cigar.

Seymour VRI 2-82 lost to Broadford 16-95.

Wayne Flint’s rink took 20 ends after a slow start to finally take the lead and held on for a five-shot win. Stephen McGregor’s rink started well enough but had a relapse at afternoon tea time. They came back, squaring the card at the 21st end, but only scored one more shot and went down by three shots.

Ian Nichols’ rink lost in a competitive game up to the 14th end. Then the opposition scored seven shots, but were pegged back by the 23rd end. Another six shots from the opposition on the 24th end was too much to make up and they went down by seven shots.

Robert Richard’s rink gave their opposition an 11-shot lead before scoring. Then scoring six shots on the 14th end made the score look more respectable and with only two shots down on the 20th end they were in with a chance, but fell short by eight shots.

Results: J. Tuckwell, K. Cain, G. Dixon, W. Flint (s) 20 def. B. Radford 15. A. Nachtigal, R. King, J. Crockett, S. McGregor (s) 21 lost to J. Hinchcliffe 24. P. Smith, S. Crockett, P. Rolfe, I. Nichols (s) 21 lost to R. Chapman 28. M. Brett, A. Walton, S. Stanley, R. Richards (s) 20 lost to D. Hogan 28.

Division Three Goulburn Valley team travelled to Shepparton Golf and continued their winning run with two successful rinks, one drawn rink and a loss, although winning by 31 shots overall was a great result.

Seymour VRI 15-117 def. Shepparton Golf 3-86.

Joe Purcell filled in for Greg Jones. The rink was well in control with 20 shots up at the 22nd end then added another six shots over the last three ends to win by 26 shots.

Luke Spargo’s rink winning five consecutive ends were 10 shots up at afternoon tea, then after a few competitive ends were still 10 shots up at the 22nd end and, winning the last three ends, won the game by 15 shots.

Geoff Neal’s rink was quite happy until the opposition scored seven shots on the 17th end and still three shots up at the 22nd end, the opposition won the last three ends to force a drawn result.

Bill Dawe’s rink gave the opposition an 11-shot start before scoring and were unable to pick up any substantial lead. Still nine shots down at the 21st end, the team won three of the last four ends to go down by officially 10 shots.

Results: B. Voogt, R. Hockley, K. Towt, J. Purcell (s) 42 def. I. Fitzsimmons 16;

I. McBean, M. Furletti, W. Noonan, L. Spargo (s) 35 def. B. McInneny 20;

S. Towt, D. Clarke, M. Szczykulski, G. Neal (s) 21 drew with K. Wright 21;

B. Anderson, M. Puppa, D. Prudden, B. Dawe (s) 19 lost to J. McLeod 25.

Next Saturday Division One will host Wallan at the Seymour VRI green and be given a chance to win the first game for the season, and Division Three Goulburn Valley will travel to East Shepparton against another potential finalist in fourth position on the ladder.


Pennant bowls restarted after the Christmas break in cool, wet conditions.

In Section 1 Nagambie defeated fifth placed Hill Top by 16 shots to remain in fourth position on the ladder.

Jack Spencer’s promotion to skip has been a boon for the side with his rink of Rob Page, Rob Smith and John Humphries defeating the opposition’s gun rink by five shots.

Brian Nisbet, Glen Weatherall, Peter Nichols and Daniel Nichols won 28-18. Mick Mitchell, Graeme Barber, Mick Nolan and Paul Nichols went down 18-20. Chris Spencer, Des Fothergill, Greg Brack and Brett Spargo had a 23-20 victory.

The Section 5 pennant team had a 35-shot win against Mooroopna Golf to consolidate third position and are only two points off the top spot.

Keith Millar, Eddie Dunn, Keith Hollands and Bardy McLeod won 21-14. Wally Grinpukel, John Dennis, John Sinden and Vicki Reidy had a 31-26 victory. Joe Gattuso, Lyn Millar, Lyn Sinden and Fiona Smith completed a clean sweep by winning 34-11.

In the men’s club championship Greg Brack won his sixth title defeating Rob Smith. Reg Dickinson claimed the B-grade title with Mick Mitchell the runner-up.

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