Fourteen riders in with a chance

January 19, 2018

Saturday’s race saw 14 riders compete for line honours.

The course was to Stretton Vale via Palm World returning through Avenel with a finish at the start of Avenel Rd — 52km.

The weather was a mix of all sorts with a bit of rain and strong winds for the home run in.

Riding from the 28-minute mark the race started with solo rider Maitland Wallace who didn’t stand much of a chance as the group behind him were motoring with numbers.

The 13min group of Furness, Hibberd, Baker and Inness reeled in Maitland just after Avenel.

By the turn this 13min group then realised they had a chance for victory as the chasing group behind the two Kirbys, Jacobs and Bender, were slowed down by an untimely passing train.

The fast boys at the end of the race, Fuhrmeister, Rilen, Saunders and Cooper were giving everything, managing to catch the 8min group on the returning Avenel hill. However their combined efforts weren’t quite quite enough as the front runners were home.

Jeff Hibberd proved his talent yet again as he managed to find himself at the front for the last turn of pace only to somehow find another kick of pace to take the win narrowly over newly welcomed rider Mike Furness of Nagambie.


First Jeff Hibberd (13min); Second Mike Furness (13min); Third Adam Inness (13min); Fourth Ian Baker (13min); Fifth Brian Inness (13min); Sixth Sam Fuhrmeister (Fastest time 1h16m48s, Ave 40.63km/h); Seventh Michael Saunders (scr); Eighth Peter Cooper (scr); Ninth Shayne Kirby (8min); 10th Bret Bender (8min).

Saturday’s race starts from Burgess Signs at 2pm.

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