An inspiration to all

September 15, 2017

Teams line up to honour the last post.

As a member of Seymour Football Netball Club, I would like to pass on the club’s condolences to the extended family of Frank Percy Johnson.

Frank was a formidable part of our great club as a committeeman, volunteer and team selector in the sixties and early seventies, and was always one of the first to donate his services to the club.

Frank will also be remembered as one of the organising members of the Seymour Table Tennis competition at the RSL Hall, initiated way back in the sixties when many anecdotes and yarns were revealed of the great feats of past campaigns, from the early days of Seymour Football Club.

A returned serviceman from the Second World War, and the first local veteran to annually toss the coin at the SFNC Anzac Day games, Frank was an inspiration to all who knew him.

In the words of the great Banjo Patterson, ‘‘a better man never held the reins’’.

— Gary Brown,

SFNC secretary

Doesn’t add up

It does make sense in this amazing state, if you turn down your airconditioners and swelter in the heat and suffer in the summer, especially the elderly, you can save money.

I find it hard if you turn off your airconditioner you will have $40 per week reduced on your energy accounts, but on the other hand, teenaged thugs are bribed $40 to behave in Victoria’s Malmsbury youth detention centre.

— Graham Palmer,


Support wool industry

As legs are for locomotion, no person can deny that it has been the right, from early times, of every free resident and visitor to walk along the only direct route in to town, and there is no law which states that a pedestrian must wear a synthetic high-vis vest when doing so.

In recent decades, Australians have developed an overdependence on synthetics.

Australia has virtually turned its back on its great wool industry, developed over 150 years by shrewd Merino studmasters and commercial flockmasters.

Vast markets like Russia have been ignored, our best Merino rams have been sold to Argentina, Brazil, China and the Ukraine and Dorper rubbish imported from South Africa.

It is no wonder that Australia has such a huge balance of trade deficit.

Epitomising the low depths of non-education pervading Australia, in 1990, when Clip Care was being practised in Australian woolsheds, the Elders textile manager wore a synthetic jacket in the Mangalore shed of Maurie Gray, a fair dinkum Australian, particularly noted as the region’s explosives expert, but also noted for his heavy-cutting Merino wethers.

Synthetics are the enemy of Australia, once the world’s greatest wool-growing nation and it is against my principles to wear synthetic garments.

— John J. Maher,


Love and Life

I have been observing the attitude of people protesting against hate speech.

It seems to me that they believe they are the only ones full of love and compassion.

However, the way in which these people protest and engage in verbal and physical confrontation against the supposed right wing fascists, Nazis, racists and homophobes has all the components of racial, ideological and fanatical hate against anyone who dares to express any opinion different to theirs.

It is important to remember that Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Vladimir Illich Lenin, Joseph Stalin and Pol Pot were all left wing socialist-communist leaders and are at the top of the list of bloodiest tyrants that this planet has ever witnessed.

Mussolini and Hitler were the elected leaders of the National Socialist Party of their countries.

Of course we cannot forget the exquisite cruelty and absolute lack of scruples of Idi Amin who murdered hundreds of thousands of black people, but who being himself a black person was never accused of racism.

No one has killed more black people than black people themselves and if you have any doubt, listen to the African asylum seekers talk about the atrocities being conducted against them by other black Africans.

No one from another race has killed more Asians than Asian people, just look at Cambodia.

Can somebody tell me from whom aboriginal women have been suffering domestic violence ... is it not aboriginal men?

Yes, I know, compassionate people who seem to have plenty of hate against their own race will put the root of this phenomenon down to an endless list of social disadvantages in order to justify the alcohol, drug abuse and violence.

What about the university student armed with a baseball bat who recently tried to kill a lecturer and fellow students for expressing ideas different than his? Was this student expressing his opinion against hate speech?

What about the people invading the streets of many cities incinerating cars, small businesses, breaking windows and bashing bystanders who are demanding more love and compassion within the community?

Do they have the monopoly of kindness and compassion?

I don’t think so — they look and sound hateful.

I wonder if only black life matters? Is this not a racist statement? In these golden days the worst sin is to be white, male and heterosexual.

Can’t these left wing ideologists understand that they will radicalise conservatives who have never been fascist, racist, homophobic, misogynous or xenophobic to adopt the same repugnant attitudes as they have but to the other extreme?

The more the pendulum goes in one direction the longer it will travel in the opposite direction and that is the simple law of physics.

— Sergio Prado-Arnuero,


Record funding for palliative care

The majority of Victorians want to live their final days at home surrounded by family, friends, and pleasant memories.

The Liberal-Nationals are committed to ensuring that wish is respected.

That’s why a Liberal-Nationals government would provide $140 million — the largest investment of its kind in Australia — to ensure terminally ill patients, and their families, can get the support they need as they approach the end of their lives.

Our commitment will ensure up to 8000 additional patients have access to palliative care.

Our package will double specialist palliative care services to community palliative care clients, especially in rural and regional Victoria.

It also includes a 50 per cent increase in funding for community palliative care provided in the home, including overnight care, in-home respite and carer support.

Research shows around 70 per cent of us would prefer to spend our final days at home.

But without a Liberal-Nationals government, barely a third of Victorians will get to realise that wish because there will continue to be inadequate funding for community-based palliative care.

— Peter Walsh,

Leader of The Nationals

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