Gallery: Seymour v Rochester

April 24, 2017

Seymour left Rochester's Moon Oval a winner last weekend, with a 21-point victory. 

The visting team was thrilled with their win on the road. 

Matt O'Keefe wrestles with his opponent for possession. The ball spills free as Matt O'Keefe, Brent Ryan, Perry Oliver and Steven Stoobants clash. Brett Meredith drives the ball forward. Saad Saad takes a strong mark in the forward line. Mitchell Waite shoots a handball out of trouble. Jason Cole was strong all day in the Lions' first-up win. Billy Cox couldn't quite get to the ball before Elliot Bowen took this strong grab. Brandyn Grenfell launches high in the ruck contest. Brent Colbert attempts to spoil Sam Brennan's mark. Saad Saad takes a diving mark. Ben Clifton takes a screamer.

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