Good and bad news for Nagambie bowlers

October 21, 2016


First the good news; the midweek gang continued on their winning way defeating Euroa by 27 shots.

Johnny Dennis is popping up everywhere this week starring in a 36/17 win alongside Fiona Smith, Vicki Reidy and Keith Hollands.

Lyn Sinden, John Sinden, Deanne Page and Gloria Higgins won 25/17.

The section five side had three players making their debut for the club — Lyn Dunn, Colin Miller and Geoff Masters — and they defeated Tallygaroopna by 34 shots.

Keith Hollands, Vicki Reidy, Geoff Masters and Tim Nagle won 34/9 while Ed Dunn, Fiona Smith, Lyn Dunn and John Dennis were victorious 27/15.

Lyn Sinden, John Sinden, Geoff Miller and Gloria Higgins went down in a tight match 16/19.

Now for the bad news.

Nagambie hosted Shepparton East at home in the top division and failed to win a rink, going down by 62 shots. The best of a bad lot was Greg Brack’s team of Rob Smith, Des Fothergill and Geoff Page going down 15/24.

Coach Paul Nichols is expecting a more consistent and improved performance against league heavyweight Shepparton Park this week.

On a more positive note, a pleasant Sunday evening was held at the Top Pub, the club’s major sponsor, with more than 30 in attendance.

For those hardcore bowling fans out there, tune in to OneFM98.5 on Saturdays at 8am for half an hour of bowls news, rumour and tidbits.

It is hosted by Nagambie’s own Brian Nisbet with special comments by Daniel Nichols.

Seymour VRI

Midweek pennant was played against Kilmore at Kilmore on Tuesday.

None of the Seymour VRI rinks were able to record a win — and a clean sweep against Seymour VRI is an unusual result.

Seymour VRI 0-54 lost to Kilmore 16-88.

Daniel Noonan’s rink led for most of the game up to the 19th end and had a chance for a win, but the opposition scored three ends with 13 shots, sealing the VRI team’s fate, going down by six shots.

Joe Purcell’s rink was in the game up to the 13th end, but was outplayed in the latter part of the game to go down by nine shots.

Bill Dawe’s rink was competitive to the 12th end but had no answers for the opposition as they pulled away, scoring 15 shots over the last seven ends for a 19-shot score deficit.

Saturday pennant was played in ideal weather although the wind did swirl around, making it difficult to find the line at times.

Division one played Yea at the Seymour VRI green and had a massive win on all rinks, winning by 77 shots overall.

Division two went to Kilmore to play against Kilmore White, winning only one rink and going down by 20 shots to fall out of the four at this stage.

The Goulburn Valley division three team travelled to Hill Top, returning with the maximum points and a 51-shot win, and taking top spot on the ladder.

Division one at the Seymour VRI green had no problems winning on all rinks. Seymour VRI 18-141 defeated Yea 0-64.

Luke Spargo’s rink started well, scoring 13 shots to zero and scoring a maximum eight on the 14th end to go 25 shots up, and then winning the last six ends to extend the score to a 33-shot win.

Greg Jones’ rink, playing a three-person team, was 24 shots up at the 15th end, but was more competitive over the last 10 ends, winning by 21 shots.

Colin Marsh’s rink had a close game up to the 19th end and being two shots down, but won the next six ends to finish with a 12-shot win.

Daniel Noonan’s rink started with a big lead early in the game and failed to score for six consecutive ends to allow their opposition to catch up to be only two shots up at the 14th end, then finishing off with multiple scores for an 11-shot win.

Division two at the Kilmore green struggled against the elements and the Kilmore White team started off well but all rinks fell badly after the afternoon tea, going down by 20 shots overall.

Congratulations to Sarah Andrews for playing in her first official pennant game and the first Seymour VRI lady member to play in Saturday pennant.

Seymour VRI 2-65 lost to Kilmore White 14-85.

Ian Cashill’s rink with an 18-shot win at the 16th end, wound down to win only two ends and reduce the margin for only a five-shot win.

Robert Richard’s rink did not score for six consecutive ends to be five shots down at the 11th end, then staying with their opposition managed to be three shots down at the 17th end, then not scoring for the next five ends and 12 shots down at the 22nd end scored on the last three ends for the score to be more respectable for eight shots down.

Peter Stevens’ rink played the first 10 ends for a seven-shot lead, then scored only twice for the remainder of the game, finishing with a 17-shot deficit.

Goulburn Valley division three team played at Hill Top green resulting in the Seymour VRI team winning all rinks and 51-shots up overall after only a two-shot difference at afternoon tea.

Seymour VRI 18-120 defeated Hill Top 0-69.

Alan Dixon’s rink overtook the lead at the 11th end and continued winning ends and extended their lead for a 15-shot win.

Geoff Neal’s rink, chasing the lead and overtaking their opposition at the 13th end, outscored their opposition for a 14-shot win.

Kelvin Towt’s rink, in a competitive game, was level with the opposition at the 14th end, then won nine of the last 11 ends for a 13-shot win.

Steve McGregor’s rink was competitive throughout the game and held a five-shot lead at the 22nd end, then won the last three ends to ensure a nine-shot win.

Next Saturday division one travels to Kilmore against the other undefeated team for a fight to remain on top of the ladder.

Division two will host Alexandra Blue at the Seymour VRI green and the Goulburn Valley division team travels to Avenel to continue its successful season.

The meat tray donated by Taurus Meats was graciously accepted by Peter West of Yea while local bowler Morena Puppa won the consolation prize.

Thanks to the sponsors.

The Seymour VRI team of Geoff McPherson, Greg Jones, Daniel Noonan and Luke Spargo won the Men’s Central Bowls Division State Fours at Broadford on Sunday.

—Two Hats


A mixed bag of results in the pennant last week.

On Tuesday the division two side went to Murchison and played in cold, blustery conditions which included short bursts of rain.

At the end of play the visiting side was victorious thanks to a big win by Pam’s team while the other two teams went down by margins of less than 10 shots each.

Scorecards were not available, but Avenel claimed the overall win.

Meanwhile back at Avenel, the division four side welcomed a side from Kyabram who, at the end of play, took home the win by the tight margin of one shot.

Kate’s team managed a one-shot win but Barb’s team went down by two.

In three weeks of pennant this side has gone down twice by one shot while the other week the pennant was called off due to rain.

A win is not far away.

On Saturday, division three went to Shepparton Park and played on the synthetic green; from four teams there were two losses, one win and a drawn result.

Scores: D. McGregor, J. McDonald, K. Willox, B. McDonald (s) 23 lost to G. Lockwood’s team 42; R. King, L. Underwood, P. Pedder, D. Furletti (s) drew with M. Stibbard’s team 20; M. White, R. Schwab, J. Furletti, N. Slater (s) 28 defeated N. Michelmore’s team 25; A. White, G. Toy, J. White, P. Sadler (s) 19 lost to D. Beck’s team 27.

Division six also travelled to Kyabram but there are no scores available.

A small crowd enjoyed the meal and Caulfield Cup sweep draw held on Friday, October 14.

The draw itself was held with much hilarity and amusing asides from those conducting the draw and those watching.

Thanks to Joyce, Grace and Shaun for the two-course meal.

Congratulations to those whose horses won and/or placed in the Caulfield Cup on Saturday.

The next Mystery Tea and Twilight Bowls evening is scheduled for Friday, October 28; a list will be placed on the noticeboard in due course.


●Tuesday pennant:

Seymour at home against Hill Top came up trumps in all three rinks: Seymour 16-92 to Hill Top 0-46.

Bernie Dillon, Dennis Klein, Jenny Ridd, Maureen Prudden (s) 38 defeated M. Warner 9; Bill Solomon, Rob Baldwin, Dot Dillon, Wilma Atkins (s) 34 defeated J. Overall 19; David Atkins, Di Staples, Jenny Kreemers, Jan Nichols (s) 20 defeated L. Nicholson 18.

Division two was away to Euroa and was defeated by a mere one shot, Euroa 13-75 to Seymour 3-74.

Barb Plus, Jean Chamley, Mark Law, Marg Locke (s) 28 defeated M. Brodie 25; Les Herbert, Pat Dawe, Lois White, Gail Krzciuk (s) 24 drew with M. Steen 24; Bob Tomkins, Dilva Grattan, Chris Dean, Lois Tomkins (s) 22 lost to K. Boyce 26.

Division four travelled to Colbinabbin to collect a positive win. Colbinabbin 2-35 lost to Seymour 12-46.

Noel Pianta, Sonia Jones, Peter Holland, Anne Cassar (s) 32 defeated B. Cheathey 12; Alan Welsh, Marg Callaghan, Jim Bruce, Jan McCarthy (s) 14 lost to R. Weeks 23.

●Central Bowls District, round three:

Division one played Alexandra and came home with a good win, Alexandra 0-46 lost to Seymour 16-101.

Lynda Rohde, Linda Brown, Don Lawton, Rob Brown (s) 32 defeated G. Wood 16; Derek Blakeman, Wendy Hutton, Trudi Golding, Ian Ridd (s) 27 defeated T. Livy 18; Doug Hutton, Lyn Meek, Arthur McIntosh, Gladys Burgoyne (s) 42 defeated M. Legge 12.

●Saturday pennant:

Division one: Euroa 5-89 lost to Seymour 13-94.

Division five: Seymour 14-74 d Shepparton RSL 2-71.

●Central Bowls District, round two:

Division one: Seymour 2-78 lost to Kilmore 16-102.

Division two: Seymour one 14-82 d Wallan White 2-57. Seymour two 3-66 lost to Wallan Yellow 13-70.

●Wednesday jackpot triples went to Doug Hutton, Cheryl Holland and Rob Baldwin with +15.

The jackpot was won this week by two teams on -5: Chris Dean, John Heywood and Marty Wesselmann plus Alan Welsh, John Donohue and Dot Malin, who all received $10 each.

●Social Friday evenings: Dot Malin’s number came out but she was not present to collect.

The Taurus Meat Tray was won by Don Lawton with minor prizes going to Dave Atkins and Pat Dawe.

●The next tournament at our club is on Melbourne Cup eve. The entry sheet is on the noticeboard.

Please get your names in if you wish to play in this.

●The final of the B-singles for both men and women is to be played next Friday with roll-up commencing at 3.30pm

●Congratulations go to Denise Hogan who has again won the over-60s women’s singles for 2016-17.

Seymour had another winning combination in the over-60s pairs with Margaret Locke and Lois White.


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